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The company

What distinguishes us

We define ourselves as solution creators. Our core business is the design and production of cylindrical metal components.

We perform all prevalent thermal and finishing treatments on the products, including ones that are patented and exclusive to us. For our clients we aim to solve even the most complex issues with versatile strategic solutions, combining experience and skill.

What distinguishes us is our production flexibility and our ability to guarantee a personalized study and technical development of each product.

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People first

The industrial scope we have reached has never distracted us from our most important asset: our people.

As we strive to always reach further, our roots remain deeply tied to our native area, the territory of Treviso.

Our focus on people, when turned externally, translates into committed attention and care for our clients.

Our philosophy

The continuous development of new technologies, the strengthening of our competencies through the acquisition of specialized personnel, and the ability to use our skills to decisively face all challenges: these are the characteristics that turn our daily performance into a mission.

While we remain proud of our strong local history, we aim to strengthen our international reach to capture the best opportunities in diverse areas of the world through our technical expertise.

Our values

Strong sense of belonging, integrity and international vision.

Elevated technical competencies that meet constant innovation through creativity.

Speed of execution with attention to safety and quality.

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Committed environmental focus

Producing efficiently requires reducing usage, costs and material waste. Here at I.M.G. this aspect is represented by a number: -30% raw materials used compared to the industry mean.

We demonstrate our attention on sustainability through concrete actions:

The entirety of our roof surface is occupied by our photovoltaic system, which allows for an annual decrease of CO2 emissions of 400 tons and guarantees energy autonomy up to 10%.

Our water purifier allows for the recycling and recirculating of large volumes of water.

Our DSI technology, with its patented process, enables product heat treatment without requiring carburizing. This allows us to cut down CO2 emissions by 100%.

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